December 5, 1973 is a special day at 107.7 GNA, because that was the day the we signed on the air. Since GNA signed on, we have been the only station that you’ve been able to turn to for country. We’ve always played country music. There are no other commercial radio stations in the Albany area that have been doing the same format, playing the same genre of music or even having the same dial position for that long. We’ve always been on the radio at 107.7 FM and have always had WGNA as our call letters.

Some people that have listened to us since the beginning may say that we have changed, which is sort of true, but only because country music has changed, not to mention, at that time, the station was owned and operated by a religious owner. Our call letters also meant “Good News for Albany." We would be playing some country religious tunes every hour, mixed in with popular country (and western) music. Plus, the country music back then was extremely traditional, so it sounded very different from today’s country. But it WAS country. Just as the music progressed, we have kept up with the changes of country music.

There is one air personality who has been on GNA just about from the beginning – John Stanley. He would be the one who can tell you more about GNA’s beginnings than I can.

The first song played on GNA was “Country Sunshine” by Dottie West.

We thank you for listening and staying with us on GNA through the years.