I'm only doing this, folks, so you don't have to.  I just somehow feel obligated to make a song out of the rules and regulations for this year's Summer Picnic with Skeeter Creek, Greg Bates, Jason Michael Carroll, and Chris Cagle.  Now how do you make THAT rhyme? 

Before you hear the song, have you gotten your tickets yet?  Here's that all important button

And now, without further delay, here's the song with apologies to Kid Rock.  I parodied "All Summer Long" , because we've been waiting all summer long for this.  Here are the rules and other info  all rhymed up.

'GNA's Summer Picnic Party Theme

Parody of "All Summer Long", by Kid Rock

Lyrics only ©2012 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

(It’s) GNA’s summer picnic

we ain’t talking picnic tables its a concert and it’s gonna be a treat

Jason Michael Caroll and our good friend Chis Cagle

and joining them Greg Bates and Skeeter Creek


And I’m feeling like a tool

cuz we have not explained the rules

so I’m about to run them down I hope they rhyme

You’ll be in a bad mood if you bring beverages or food

must keep your shirt and shoes on at all times


There’s lots a food that you can get

don’t bring in grills don’t bring your pets

unless they’re service animals then it’s alright

They start parking cars at 1

that’s when we begin the fun

and it continues til around early in the nite


don’t you bring no alcohol don’t bring coolers in at all

gates open up at 3 it starts at 4

it’s a guaranteed good time

gonna happen rain or shine

20 bucks right now or 30 at the door

Summer picnic party

saratoga country fairgrounds on 'GNA