We were with good friends Linda and George Dickie on their boat on picturesque Brant Lake this past weekend.  I was methodically taking photos of pontoon boats in homage to the Little Big Town song of the same name, when something very bizarre caught our attention.  (Bizarre video clip to follow)

I would like to introduce our listening audience to Matt Lynch, who works for GE. I’m sure there’s a lot of pressure on the job.  Matt needed a little stress reliever, apparently.  This is how he relaxes, apparently .

Our exclusive 'GNA cameras were on the scene to capture it all.  (In other words, me and my little compact Nikon Coolpix).  And I got some COOL PIX, let me tell ya.... 

We pulled our vessel alongside his afterwards and spoke briefly.  Funny – he seemed perfectly sane to me when we talked!  Seriously, we got a huge laugh out of it, and thought this would brighten your day. 

(I’m wondering if Matt could get a furniture store to sponsor him so he could enter this sport in the next Olympics….  Maybe Taft? )

Thanks Matt for letting us use this.