The New York State Board of Regents has named Gloversville Enlarged School District’s Latin teacher Charles Giglio 2015 state Teacher of the Year!

Giglio worked at Gloversville 9 years ago, tasked to phase out its small Latin program, but instead, he revived it.

He retired, but then was brought back to teach Latin classes in the high school and Gloversville Middle School.  He has also formed the Latin Alumni Club and made a connection with the State University of New York at Albany University so that Gloversville Latin students can earn college credits.

Giglio is the 45th state Teacher of the Year and started teaching more than 50 years ago as a fifth-grade instructor in Manhattan.

He has taught Latin, English, theology and typing at schools in New York City and New Jersey, and was also a school principal in New York City and Pomona.

Congrats to Mr. Giglio from everyone here at WGNA!

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