Here at Townsquare Media and the Academy for Character Education at Sage Colleges, we are committed to any anti-bullying message that we can share with you and your kids.  And this is a great one.  It was brought to my attention by the Academy, and it's amazingly well produced.  It comes from Glendaal Elementary School:

I've had the pleasure of going to Glendaal for the Readin', Writin', and Rhymin' Tour over the years.  Great school.  And they proved their greatness with this video.  It speaks for itself.  Please watch carefully and take notes!!


Hats off to Glendaal for a wonderful job.  Hopefully if we all keep up the pressure, we end this horrible practice once and for all!  (I know that's a lot to ask, but at least we can minimize the problem!)

Anti- Bullying Bonus

Take the anti bullying pledge right here and hear their song- an idea created this past year by Roesseville Elementary School. area kids, thanks to great sponsors like Hannaford Supermarkets and Cap Comm Federal Credit Union.