It's always an amazing experience - the St. Jude Radiothon - and even more amazing is the response from you folks.  We need you to call today and tomorrow.  Stop whatever you are doing and make the call - 518-374-2890 or 1-800-339-4673. 

I don't know if you can read this, but in the studio is a little fact sheet that shows 5 year cancer survival rates. The greenish gray bar shows how low the survival rate was in 1962 for various types of cancer.  The red bar shows the survival rate presently.  They're making great strides, but it's donations that make the difference.

courtesy st jude
st jude

This is our cue card in the studio.  It says "constantly repeat your number".  We can't say it enough.  That's why I put it here.  Please spread the word.  Put it on your Facebook pages.  Tweet it.  Shout it out!  Let's break another record and raise mondo bucks to help find a cure for childhood cancer and related diseases!