Christmastime.  A time to show love. And nothing screams  "love'  more than something with a grey "APPLE" logo on it.

And what will cement a relationship together more  than a jewel-encrusted Iphone. One that will set you back a measly.......8 meeeeeeeelion dollars.   So far, theres only been one sold that we know of!

Time Magazine describes it this way:

How about this for the ultimate stocking stuffer: a diamond-encrusted, one-of-a-kind iPhone worth $8 million? Stuart Hughes, the British jeweler that has made gem-strewn BlackBerrys, Bang & Olufsen sound systems and even a solid-gold Nintendo Wii, put this jaw-droppingly bling phone up for sale earlier this year — complete with more than 500 diamonds and a platinum navigation button, which itself contains a 7.4-carat pink diamond. So who wound up buying it? Ridiculously wealthy Australian mining tycoon Tony Sage. No word yet on whether or not it drops calls.
So come on, folks! Give her thing that rings some BLING (Maybe you could wait til after the holidays though- I heard the price may  drop to $6,999,999!!!)