There's a discussion going on right now on where guys are sharing the weird things women do without realizing just how weird they are.

Here are just a couple of the ones we talked about this morning on the show -

1.  Saying you don't want fries, then eating half of someone else's fries.  Or beer, or dessert, etc...


2.  Always being cold in every situation.


3.  Putting decorative soaps right by the sink, then getting mad when someone uses them. Personally, I'm more protective about towels! Ha!


4.  Borrowing a sweatshirt . . . then keeping it.  Well, please see #2.


5.  Not realizing that just responding to a text with "yes" or "k" makes a guy think you're furious at him.  Come on!  You guys do that all the time!


6.  Saying you don't have an opinion on where to go eat . . . but hating all of the options someone else suggests.  Well, I can tell you this much, we may not know what we want... but we certainly know what we don't want!

Are there any other weird things you chicks do that should be on the list?