Are you one of those people who has a hard time excepting women as powerful athletes? If you are, I can't imagine you have ever seen this video. It is amazing and I just can't stop watching it, over and over and over.


There are so many things about this that amaze me. The first of course is that this girl hits the volleyball hard enough to knock a person off there feet, across the court! Then, the ball still have enough velocity to bounce all the way back over the net and trip a young guy/kid standing by the bleachers.

The one part I'm not sure about is the crowd chanting, "facial, facial..." I really do feel bad for the girl who got hit and her family. However, I just am amazed by the spike and I think of all the things I can't get over the biggest is the sound of the both the spike and the take down. Wow.

Watch it for yourself  and tell me how you reacted. For me, it's that uncomfortable mixture of empathy for the girl who gets hit and sheer hilarity.