Every year, I make the annual trip to Bob’s Trees in Galway, to get the Christmas tree. I did it when my kids were small, and Linda and I still go every year, even though the kids are all grown up. We went on Sunday, and found that perfect tree, making sure it wasn’t too big or too small for the house. Some people cut their own tree. We chose not to.

After we got the tree, we walked around just watching what everyone was doing. The children were visiting with Santa. Some were putting their faces into the wood figures changing them into a snowman, or some other holiday figure, and getting their pictures taken. Some people took a peek at the reindeer. We also took a ride on the horse drawn wagon.

One thing that I noticed is this was such a relaxing way to spend a few hours. It’s definitely a break from everyday routines.

I look forward to going every year. It’s time to round up all the ornaments in the house. Do you have any traditions that you do every year?