This is for real, folks.  Maybe they've had it for awhile and I am not aware of such changes.  But if you are divorcing, there's now a ring for that!

According to there is a jewelry company, Spritzer and Furman, that sells a divorce ring, and it's neither a joke nor inexpensive to own!  I found a picture on the website.

The 18K gold ring from Spritzer and Furman—in the shape of a split heart, of course—will set you back $3,200.

Here's where I stand on this one, and I want to see if you agree.  50% of all marriages end in divorce.  We've all heard that statistic.  You can't tell me that every single one of these couples continue to  HATE each other.  There are tons of reasons why marriages don't work out.  So to them, maybe this ring (with the hearts prominently displayed) symbolizes that things didn't work out, but we still love each other and want to remember each other.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing!  I'm just not sure I'd spend $3500!  And would the next person that you meet accept you saying that you can't afford a huge engagement ring because you just shelled out $3500 for a divorce ring?  That's a tough sell!

What do YOU think?   Would love to know .  Leave your comments below!

PS.  He can buy one for her.  I'm sure that a "he" can also buy for a "he" and a "she" can purchase for a "her" as well.  (Yes, I do live in New York, and I do read the papers.)