A native of Southern Delaware – the region he describes as the “slower, lower”
part of the state, and locale of Mercury Lane (the namesake of his debut album)
– Allen has carried that mantra with him through good times and bad, whether
than meant living in his car or rocking amphitheaters on Toby Keith’s Interstates
& Tailgates Tour.

“I didn’t quit, I never will,” he says. “Stuff ain’t easy, and you shouldn’t quit either.
There’s a big difference between busting your ass, and sitting on it.”

“People were just trying to help,” he says now. “But they wanted me to change
my sound and told me I had to lose my boots. The turning point came when I
stopped listening, and finally let my music be a natural reflection of who I am.”
Since then Allen has been following his own compass, and it has lead him
somewhere special. Now signed to BBR Music Group/BMG, his diligence is
paying off. Kicking off 2018 being recognized on nearly every “Ones to Watch”
list, this year has proved to be a turning point in the singer’s career as he raced
through milestones that most only dream of—earning a standing ovation while
making his Grand Ole Opry debut, cracking the Top 20 with his first-ever single
and checking off many major bucket list items in between.
Remember when Jimmie stopped by the GNA studio and played his single Best Shot?