"Christmas , Christmas time of  year... time for joy and time for cheer"   That little ditty from The Chipmunks was rolling around in my head when I awoke today. It stayed through my coffee, teeth brushing and drive to work.  I swear five hours later I can still hear it in the background of my thoughts even as I type this.  Songs always get stuck in a person's head, but to me it seems Christmas time is the worst.  I suppose its the sheer repetition of these songs everywhere you go... ( "Everywhere you gooooo")   Or maybe its the catchy jingle nature of their hooks. ( "jingle bells, jingle bells...)   I'm not sure but I do know it can take a little jolly out of your holiday. ("Have a holly jolly Christmas...)

So, how do you get rid of them?  Some people suggest a crossward or puzzle to take your mind off the song.   Others would tell you to find the whole song, because usually your mind is just stuck on a loop of one part, and listen ("..where children listen... to hear...GRRR) to it all the way through.

I wish you luck! ("you a merry Christmas, I wish you..)  Your gonna need it!