After reading George Jones' biography 'I Lived To Tell It All,' I suspected that one day it would make it's way to the big screen.

A story like no other I've read in Country Music, Jones' movie will be an instant hit with scenes and stories that some people couldn't even imagine. This is one drama that needs no enhancement or creative story writers to fill in the blank. If it's anything like the book, expect dark stories, dangerous friends, near-fatal tragedies, and stories of hope, faith, and recovery.

In a press release, Nancy Jones says that George Jones actually had a hand in the development of the film: “Over the years we have been approached to make George’s life into a feature film, but it was not until Dennis Baxter became involved that we were confident the story could be told accurately. George and I started working with Dennis six years ago in crafting the life-long story. Knowing George had input in this film and that it will be told the way he wanted it told, I feel we are in good hands to collaborate with 28 Entertainment as we move forward with production."

Nancy Jones will Executive Produce and consult on the project. Baxter worked closely with Nancy and George on the story before George passed away on April 26th in Nashville at the age of 81.