We all know that we are not getting a break with gas prices. I posted on the Country 107.7 WGNA-F.M. Facebook page about gas prices on the way up, if  you doing anything different to not drive as much?

We got some good suggestions from our listeners like you.  Some of those were from Kimberly: "We are definitely cutting down on the running around, and probably going to start walking the kids too and from school instead of driving them once the weather is better. My hubby is doing the park and ride from Schenectady into Albany." Jill said "actually driving the posted speed limit, I know, hard to do, but gas mileage is much improved". Sarah stated that she’s "combining all of her trips and errands, no extra trips out for us anymore." We thank you for all of your suggestions. All great tips to help save gas.

Some other tips from fueleconomy.gov are to remove excess weight. Take stuff out of your vehicle that you don't need. Also, if you have it, use cruise control. Albanygasprices.com will give you some suggestions on finding gas at a better price.

Do you have any ideas to help us all save gas?