Sunday, April 7, 2013 will be the first Academy of Country Music Awards since the passing of Dick Clark. The entertainment icon produced the big event since 1979.

It's no surprise that something special is in the works to honor the American Bandstand star. For the first time in history George Strait and Garth Brooks will share the stage and perform together to honor Dick Clark's contributions to Country Music. This is quite a big event for any Country Music fan to witness, considering Brooks has always wanted to sing with Strait, and it looks like his wish has finally come true.

Both George Strait and Garth Brooks have earned the elite honor of becoming the ACM's Artist of the Decade. Strait grabbed the honor in 2009 while Brooks won the honor for the '90s. Other recipients include Alabama for the '80s, Loretta Lynn for the '70s, and Marty Robbins for the '60s.

In special tribute to Dick Clark, the Academy of Country Music is renaming the Decade of the Year award in his honor. In a press release issued by the ACM, Garth Brooks states “I commend the Academy on naming the ACM Artist of the Decade Award after Dick Clark.  Although there is no award the entertainment industry has that can match the magnitude of the star Dick Clark was, and still is, it is an honor to get to be a part of the Academy’s tribute to him.  There may be others who have contributed as much to the music industry, but there is definitely no one that has contributed more than Dick Clark.  He was music’s best friend, and a dear friend to me.”

ACM File Photo