Did you know that there's a diference between Galway the village and Galway the town? Did you know that there are only about 200 people there?   That's so great!!  The things you learn when research the towns, villages, hamlets and cities in our area for Your Town Thursday!  I love this job!

First, credit where credit is due.  We have an avid listener and facebooker, Lenny Phoenix who suggested that I cover Galway in beautiful Saratoga County this week.  Thanks for the suggestion.  Turned out to be a great one!

I immediately investigated to see if they had a mayor.  And yes, they do!  I had a great conversation with Mayor William Hyde- a 6 termer who recently won by a landslide and was proud to tell me so.  Hell, wouldn't YOU be proud of that?

So armed with information from both of these gentlemen,  I had enough to go on.  I parodied  a great song from "King George" Strait- "Give It Away".  It will now hopefully be forever known as "A Song For Galway".  Hope all 200 folks up there like this!

So there you go, Galway-ites! Hope you had as much fun listening as I did creating it!

If you'd like your town to get a free theme, let me know.  My goal is to cover every last town in the area.  I've only got about 567 to go-no biggie-I love a challenge!

PS.   Here are the lyrics in case you'd like to sing along!

Song For Galway

(Parody of “Give It Away”, by George Strait)

Lyrics (c) 2011 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

t’s the second smallest incorporated village in the state

I’m singing today

about little Galway

City limit signs are on the same stick  so they say

There’s a joke I made

For our friends in Galway

Yes up in Galway

The police force there consists of one part timer

and 4 volunteers to fight the crime each day

although there’s none in Galway

Like a little Norman Rockwell town

where you can walk right to the bank

(the Ballston Spa National Bank- a member FDIC)

or the former Agway

or Ted’s Market each day

They ain’t got no village tax

sales tax pays their way

so spend your money today

in Saratog-i-ay... County

Yes up in Galway old Bill Hyde won by a landslide he’s still Mayor

and in 20 years it still might be that way

up in Galway

they want us to dissolve the village

but the people say no way

we’re here to stay.....we love Galway