Sorry for the profanity, but let's face it.  When you are nervous and tired and aggravatyed from being stuck at an airport, you are waiting for some funny s**t.  Anything!  I have to say that Southwest is the king of flying funnies.

I Just came back from a great 5 day Carolina Getaway.  We had about a 4 hour delay getting out of Charleston, and 4 hour layover in Baltimore.  But I never get mad at Southwest.  They always make it up with their jokes:
Ok, we were a LITTLE perturbed, I will admit.  It's only a one hour flight and we had to wait 4 hours to get it.  But when they rushed us on the plNe, the flight attendant was "loaded for bear" with jokes - some subtle, some blatant
" May I pretend to have your attention as we go over safety regulations?"  (I wasn't sure if I was hearing things)
"We're 4th in line for takeoff, please move  your seats and tray tables to an uncomfortable upright position".   good one, and sooooo true.  I'm in that position as I write this
" We are ready for takeoff.  Please roll up your windows" - NICE!
"We don't expect a change in cabin pressure- If we did, I would have taken the day off.  "
And my personal favorite
"In case we do, please pull the mask over your face- adjust it comfortably first before helping your husbands!     BAM!  That was the money joke for me.  "
Gotta love Southwest.   They even send email updates that say "love you" at the end.  We need more humor in this world.
Now if this freeking baby would stop crying!  God this seat's uncomfortable!  They call this lunch?  There's 9 peanuts in here!!!  Please, flight attendant - tell me another one!