There are all kinds of negative stories out there about cruising.  I am here to tell you the positive - one of them being the amazing affordability right now.  Check this out! 

We just came back from an unbelievable trip on Royal Caribbean (no, this is not a commercial - just personal experience speaking here)

This little dingy came complete with 14 floors, an ice skating rink, and a full blown shopping mall.  Here are a few shots (I took 800, by the way).

photo by Richie Phillips
photo by Richie Phillips

No, this is not Crossgates.  This is the promenade INSIDE OF THE SHIP.

photo by Richie Phillips

This might just give you some idea of the size of these things.  14 floors, for God sakes.

It was a fantastic time, but not without it's trials and tribulations.  I always seem to do something foolish, and I know the guys were just waiting to see what I did this time.  Here's what happened musically , with apologies to Kenny Chesney for the parody of his song "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem".

Pheeew!  So glad I found it.  Other than that, a great time.  Take a cruise, folks.  It's great and the deals now are unbelievable.