Wow –FREEBIES and Price Chopper’s bonus fuel deals this week –you could get a free tank of gas!


Before I get to the Bonus fuel this week, I want to report the FREEBIES!  I feel like we have not had FREE cereal in forever! This week Trix is FREE.  If you pair the General Mills 4/$6 with the right coupons you could get all 4 boxes of Trix for FREE!  FREE!!!!!ALL 4 boxes!  Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cheerios are both under a dollar!  If you can make 2 trips, stock up on the cereal!


Dove Deodorant, Degree Deodorant, Colgate and Chobani Yogurt are also FREE this week!  Pair the coupons with a $3 ONYO Catalina and the deodorants are FREE this week!  Replenish your toiletries this week for cheap!!    Click on the printable shopping list below for the details on these deals!


Take advantage of the “buy 5 of the 5/$10 items” and get $.15 off a gallon of gas!  Mix & Match!!  You can pair these $2 items with coupons too making some items 50% off PLUS the Fuel!  Great deals!  Sneak peek - Klondike bars for only $1 with this deal!  Open the Printable shopping list below for all the products included in this deal!  I stocked up on some of these deals Sunday and saved $.60 in one trip!!  These deals are listed below on the printable shopping list in orange!

Click here on the printable shopping for the details on these deals and more!



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Happy Shopping!