I remember growing up and loving all sorts of art. I gravitated towards cartoons and comic books, of course, I mean I was a kid! What kid doesn't love that kind of stuff. The thing is, a little part of us is still a kid, no matter the number birthday we've reached and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

This is why FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is so awesome! We can all be a kid on Free Comic Book Day, which is coming up on Saturday at participating Comic Shops.

Whether you're a fan of the story lines, the characters, the art and creativity that goes into it or all of it you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a day where it is all celebrated! Even meet some of the artists behind the work. There are a number of stores that'll be having their meet n' greet opportunities that you can find here.

If you love Superman, or Spideman, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Fantastic-4, there is something for everyone on Free Comic Book Day! Don't forget, it's this Saturday and enjoy!