Free Coffee on Friday’s in October!!

You know I love my coffee and I love it more when it’s FREE!!  It’s not national coffee day – it’s not anything day.  It’s just a Friday in October and your coffee is free!

A huge thank you to Cumby’s for this one!!  Every Friday in October is FREE coffee Friday.  Just stop in, make your hot or iced coffee and head out!  Any size is FREE!  That’s it – easy as pie!!

Photo by Kevork Djansezian,Getty Images

The promotion is one free coffee per customer.  Now, the question for me will be do I stop in to get my coffee before the show or after the show.  See, my 10 am is your 2 pm.  You know, the time when you need that pick me up to get through the last couple hours of the day.  Ugh, decisions, decisions.

The last day of the promotion is Friday October 28th – Enjoy!!