On this mornings show we shared four rules of technology etiquette from Emily Post. Post is known for her rules of etiquette and now she has a section in her new book dedicated to technology.

1) Dropped Cell Phone Calls- It's the responsibility of the person who originally made the call to call back and apologize for the interruption .

2) Multitasking - Basically, don't get caught.  You should never type, shuffle papers, eat, or do anything else the person on the other end might notice.  And never ever "call from the stall."  Flush, wash your hands, THEN make the call.

3) Responding on Facebook - You are not obligated to respond to comments or Friend requests. The theory is "Human attention is a gift" and you get to decide who to give it to.

4) "Unfriending" - If you catch up with an old high school friend, then remember why you didn't like them in high school, you're allowed to unfriend them after the initial reconnection.  You can also untag yourself and delete comments from your page.

Here's what we had to say about these rules on the show.