Today on the air we got the call we wait so anxiously for all winter long.  Greg, owner operator of Stadium Golf Course in Schenectady called to tell us they are open.  And it looks like today may not be a bad day at all to hit the links. Sunny and close to 50 degrees and no wind chill.  Is it optimum weather for golf? No.  But if your like me, you have been waiting far to long to go head to head with that pesky little dimpled ball.

Stadium of course is special in the area because for one, it is meticulously cared for and two, it dries very very fast.  These factors make for the earliest quality golf experience every year.  Really, a rite of spring.  Everybody has there way of getting the last laugh at old man winter, the clubs coming out is mine. So that is where I will be today my friends. I encourage all of you that enjoy a few holes of golf to do the same.  Just don't get in the way of my tee time!

God Bless.