Over the weekend I hosted a wedding reception at Fort William Henry, a wonderful summer resort in Lake George, New York. After enjoying a magnificent view of the lake and mountains, I realized that many of us 'locals' take this popular summer destination for granted. With the high cost of gas, we'd like to suggest that if you're looking for a summer vacation, take a short road trip to Lake George and stay at Fort William Henry.  In addition to a beautiful resort with a backdrop of the Adirondacks- that looks like a perfect painting -you can also enjoy the Fort William Henry Museum.

The museum preserves an interesting piece of history that happened right in our own backyard. According to their website, by 1689, the British and French were the predominant nations in the New World. Wars for land, water passages and trade had been fought between these nations for years on the European continent, spilling over into North America. The final conflict, 1754-1763, is known as the French & Indian War and the Seven Years War.

Sitting atop a small rise, Fort William Henry commanded the southern end of Lake George November 1755 to August 1757. The Fort’s history is short but its final tumultuous days have been retold, although inaccurately, in the  “Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper. Fort William Henry gives you a chance to walk through that history.

Where is your favorite place to stay in Lake George? (leave your suggestions in the comment box below).