Let’s hope we never see anything like this about country music’s Taylor Swift.

It seems like the teen idol thing can haunt you for a long time. We’ve seen so many of those stars go down the wrong path in life, and sometimes ends up very badly if not fatal. From one of my earlier blogs that was about those celebrities, there’s one from the 1970s that has recently made the news, but not in a good way.

We all know the troubles that Danny Bonaduce has had. Well now another “Partridge Family” cast member is in trouble. On Wednesday, it seems David Cassidy (as the old Partridge Family tv show theme went) got happy:

Maybe a little too happy. David Cassidy had his driver’s license suspended for six months, and will serve a year on probation. In a Florida court, a judge charged him with DUI, to which he pleaded “no contest” to. The 60 year old former teen heartthrob will also serve 50 hours of community service, attend DUI school and pay a $500 fine. This is the first DUI offense for him.

The incident happened last November when he was pulled over while driving his Mercedes. I’m glad he wasn’t driving the family bus.