My high school basketball coach always said "cheaters never win, and winners never cheat". He was right. Just ask former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards.

This guy cheated on his wife who was battling cancer and is now dead. He cheated taxpayers too by misusing government campaign funds to pay "hush money" to his hoochie mama that he fathered a kid with behind his sick wife's back. He dishonored his wife, kids and his state of North Carolina. Now it's payback time "Johnboy"!

Edwards ripped off $928,000 in campaign funds to keep his "love mama" and "love child" hidden away during the 2008 Presidential campaign. I hope he gets about 20 years at the gray bar hotel.

Here's the whole disgusting story from MSN, and some country music comic relief from Joey and Rory with their big hit "Cheater Cheater".