Former New York Governor George Pataki will hold a press conference this week to announce whether or not he will seek the GOP nomination for president.Will he run?  Should he run?  What do New Yorkers think?

It's clear Pataki is serious about the potential run, he has been making a lot of appearances in New Hampshire, which is where he will make his announcement on Thursday.

How do the polls look for that good!  But remember,the polls were not in his favor when he ran for Governor of New York either.  So, he could beat the odds!

As Governor of New York, Pataki was a huge public figure in the events of the September 11th attacks on NYC.

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Pataki is also a very moderate middle of the road republican. Pataki is pro choice, he's for tightening gun laws and preserving the environment.  He also believes that major issues like marriage and education should be left up to states to decide! So I could see a lot of support heading his way IF he made it past the primary stage.

So, what do you think?  I think Pataki was a good Governor, will he make a good president?   Tune in Thursday when we hear his plans!