We're all very guilty of sneaking real food to our dogs, right?  Come on…admit it!!  Well, besides chocolate, there are others on the list that I didn't know about and I'm wondering if you were aware of as well, so here we go -- something else to worry about. 

According to Newser.com there's a pretty extensive list of "no-nos".  How about grapes?  Did you know that?  Avacados? Cookies with certain nuts in them?   Here are some others

Funny story, but actually NOT, now that I think of it.  We had a cocktail party years ago and served meatballs with toothpicks already inserted in them.  Guess what our golden retriever proceeded to devour when noone was in the room?  And guess what we had to go searching through the next morning to make sure the toothpicks came out?   Gross.

Bottom line - stick to the Kibbles and Bits and lay off scraping the dinner items onto Fido's plate, OK? (that goes for us too!)