Can you imagine your food actually communicating with you?  This is not to be confused with the after affects of eating at a Mexican restaurant.  This is something completely different.

Can you imagine your milk container in your refrigerator notifying you when it's running low?  This is actually possible now.  And in fact, there may soon be an app for this too.  Thanks to a company called Teehan+Lax Labs, this invention is on it's way.  Check this out via

This is all well and good, but I'll hold out for an app that you can use to have a robot GET your milk down at the Stewarts Shop at 7am in a snowstorm.  Now THAT would be worth the $1.99 app fee.

Do you think that we are going too far with technology?  Are we getting ridiculous, or would this be something you'd consider necessary?  Would love to know below in the comment section.