June 14 is Flag Day. It’s the day when we honor to the American flag. Every country has their own flag, and the United States flag has a history dating back to the mid 1700s.

Our flag has been used and abused by so many. When another country gets angry with our country, they show disrespect by burning our flag during a protest. Our flag is probably the most powerful symbol that represent the United States.

It seems that through the years, many people have forgotten about ‘flag etiquette’. There has been a set of rules that are often referred to as the ‘Flag Code’. Here are five of the rules that we should use to respect the American flag.

5) It should never be used for holding, receiving, carrying or delivering anything.

4) When lowered, the flag should never touch the ground or any other object.

3) When the flag is no longer fit to serve as an American symbol, because it’s worn, burn it in a dignified manner.

2) Our flag shouldn't be used as part of an athletic uniform, or a costume. The exception is for the uniform of military personnel, policemen, firemen or members of patriotic organizations. They may use a flag patch.

1) The flag should remain lighted at all times.


These are only five rules for flag etiquette. There are many more, and you can find a website or two about American Flag etiquette.