This was the time of year that hated to be in school. Besides being anxious to get out for summer vacation, the days that were very hot, like the kind of weather we’re experiencing now. Sitting in the class, with sweat running down your face, thinking you’re going to faint. If you were lucky, you had a teacher that brought a fan into the room. Here are some things to want to do when you got out of school. They apply to getting out of work, too.

1) Swimming

If you’re luck enough to be able to get to a pool, jump in.

2) Running under a sprinkler

The next best thing to a pool.

3) Got to the mall or a store

It’s air conditioned.

4) Go for a ride

Either keep the windows open or turn in the A.C.

5) Sitting in front of a fan with a cold drink

Water, Kool Aide or lemonade seems to be the best.

5) Get Ice Cream

This one's a no-brainer!

So what do you do to keep cool?