In a previous blog, I had a list of five Albany area roundabouts. I thought of a few more of these traffic areas that seem to be popping up all around us. The one thing that they have done wass create some jobs, in part by the New York State Department Of Transportation.

I know that you probably have thought of a few more rotaries roundabouts than the ones that I had listed, and I have a feeling that most of this list you thought that also thought of.

5) Albany shaker road and maxwell road roundabout


This one totally changed the direction of Maxwell Road.

4) roundabout near exit five of the northway

This is one of the few roundabouts that really made sense to me. The old way seemed to be more dangerous.

3) Roundabout into colonie center from sand creek road

This roundabout was kind of weird, especially since one part of it lead to woods. It now a goes to a development.

Get ready - I saved best for last.

2) Slingerlands roundabouts

Roundabouts - As in more than one.

1) Malta Roundabouts

The first time I drove through the roundabouts at exit 12 was 2:00 a.m. It was raining. I saw the sign to go on the Northway. I took the entrance only to find out I was going the wrong way.

Do you think the last two that I mentioned are the most ridiculous amount of roundabouts in one area?