This is unbelievable.  Don't you love when the media keeps coming out with these STUPID warnings about food and then changing their minds about it 6 months later?  Now the enemy is RICE

According to this story at, Brian Williams now warns us about a new health danger- arsenic levels in rice.  Let's see the story first.

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 Now this hits home with me and all of us who have a gluten intolerance.  Almost all of the products out there that are  gluten free substitute wheat for rice.  The bread, waffles, spaghetti, noodles - all of it is rice based, and that's about all I consume lately.  So NOW what do we do?

I guess they are saying not to change anything that you eat right yet, but when that's your whole diet, I might as well eat a bowl of arsenic for dinner. 

Sorry, Brian, I'm not calling you or your network stupid.  I know you are just reporting the news.  But it definitely gets annoying when they come out with this stuff based on one or two studies and scare the whole world. 

So until it's proven I am going to continue with my chicken and rice soup, Rice-a-roni, rice cakes (with peanut butter - mmmmmm good), and of course Chinese buffets with a nice heaping mound of fried rice.  Arsenic be damned!

Do you believe in these health warnings?  Would love to know