We'll have to wait and see. I went out with the yardstick to measure the snow at about 3:45 and we had 2 inches on the ground here at the GNA studios.

If we get to six inches we will be able to give away the 28" Ariens Deluxe Snowblower in our First Flakes contest. We've been trying to give it away since last November. LOL!

If you haven't entered yet, here's the link. We've had thousands of guesses so far this year. Basically, if you guessed the date and hour that we measure 6 inches of snow from 1 continuous snowfall, you can win the snowblower. A lot of people ask me one question over and over about this fun contest, "If more than one person guesses the winning date and hour that you measure the six inches of snow who wins?'

Here's the answer. All entries made on WGNA.com are time stamped. Basically, we know the exact day, hour, minute and second that every entry was made. So if mutiple entries for the winning date and hour exist, we use the time stamps and the person who submitted their entry first is the winner. Drive safe, and good luck to all who have entered First Flakes with 1077 'GNA.