Can you imagine, as a firefighter, going in to a home to fight a fire with SNAKES slithering around?

I can't even imagine, but that's exactly what happened in San Antonio.  The firefighters were called to a electrical fire and when they got there, there were snakes slithering around, including vipers and a cobra!  As I type this I am getting chills, I don't even know what I would do.  Run maybe?  That's probably why I am not a firefighter.

There were 11 reptiles total in the house and thankfully, no injuries were reported. All animals are safe!  Although it's not legal to have these reptiles in the home in this city, officials are still determining what action if any, will be taken.

Getty Images

Wow, I still can't imagine this!  God Bless our firefighters, they truly have to be ready for anything.