Let me start by first saying, Yes I know pro  wrestling isn't real. It's scripted and the results are thought out ahead of time. I know this! But the ladies have their "General Hospital" and "Young And The Restless". Us men have our "Soap Opera", The WWE!

I have been a fan for a very long time now. Going back to when Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden for the WWF Championship back in 1984. I was one of those fans who couldn't miss an episode of any show. Especially when Monday Night Raw came to be back in 1993. If i wasnt gonna be home on a Monday, I had to make sure i recorded it for later viewing.  I REALLY got into wrestling in the late 90's (as did many others) with the Attitude Era of the WWF with Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X and of course, The Rock.  There was no pulling me away from the TV then.

Well, I have gotten older and times have changed a bit. I am still a wrestling fan, but it doesn't bother me to miss a show. Storylines are kinda weak, and it's hard to connect with most of the stars these days.  Last night's episode of Raw got me excited to be a wrestling fan again with the return of  "The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment" The Rock!!

WWE was hyping the "Host" for the upcoming Wrestlemania Pay Per View this April and when they finally revealed who it would be, the arena went crazy and i admit it, I was a bit psyched up myself. He got on the mic and did what he does best. Breaking out the classic lines that he is known for! Check out the video if ya missed it last night. Classic stuff right there!

WWE knows how to market their product and they got a buyer for Wrestlemania right here!  Thanks WWE for making me feel like a kid again last night.  It's always great to escape reality for a little while everyday and they "Layed the Smackdown on it!!"