Phil Mickelson has won his 5th Major tournament. That however is not why this one is so special. This one being the British Open is special because as Phil himself has said this is the tournament that he never knew if he could win. , Phil

Phil's game has always been great, he is smart, skilled and takes the risks that can ruin your weekend but are necessary to win a Major. His style of play and the shots he is greatest at however have always made him more likely to win in the United States and not as great for the rolling greens,winds, and hard fairways of the British Isles.

So While Phil is already considered one of the greatest golfers of all time, for me, to take his RIGHTFUL place in history he needs to win all four Majors. He has already won the PGA championship, multiple wins at The Masters and 6 runner up finishes at the U.S. Open. This is the one he would struggle with through the years. Today after what he said was the greatest round of his career, a final round 66 he has his third Major and the one he and others may have believed he never would.

So, perhaps next year golf fans can watch the US Open and we can all watch "Lefty" take his place in history next to the others who have won a career grand slam like Nicklaus, Player, Hogan, and Sarazen.