Yep – you heard it. I'm surprised myself. This is the first full album I've ever heard from Blake's better half. I was actually blown away to be honest

When I heard that multi award-winning country star Miranda Lambert was named "Platinum," I thought that meant it was a greatest hits album. Actually – it may possibly qualify for agreatest hits album all on it's own.
Of course it contains the hit singles "Automatic" and "Something Bad," both well-written smashes on their own. But it also has some borderline novelty "ditties" that are worth hearing...especially if you are of the female persuasion.
You have to hear "Gravity Is A Bitch." It definitely paints the picture for all of you ladies over... um.. Ok..I'm not going to get in trouble by zeroing in on an age.
There's also "Smokin and Drinkin" (with Little Big Town joining). It's song that will never get approval from the American Medical Association, but is very catchy nonetheless.
All in all, it's definitely an entertaining CD.  I might put this one on endless loop.