Lots of great movies in theaters right now I am actually contemplating going this weekend.  One new movie coming out this Friday that I'm very curious to see  is "Beastly" starring Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens, & Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently, it's being deemed as a modern day Beauty & the Beast type of story line.  Pettyfer stars as the main character, Kyle Kingson, who has everything -- looks, popularity, wealth & intelligence.  However, Olsen's character casts a spell on him after he purposely stands her up at a school event and now he must find true love to release the spell.  Sounds very familiar, right?  I'm quite interested to see this modern rendition.

Another movie out, currently, that's racking in the moo-la is "Gnomeo & Juliet."  After this past weekend, it holds the number 1 spot in North American box offices.  If you aren't familiar with the movie, its actually an animated film about garden gnomes also taking after an older story line while adding a modern twist.  You may be familiar with the storyline of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet? I must say it does look pretty cute, especially if it re-tells the story of Romeo  & Juliet in a more understandable way for kids and even for parents.

Other big movies this past weekend in the box office were Owen Wilson's comedy, "Hall Pass."  It debuted at number two with $13.5 million in sales.  Last weekend's big hit, "Unknown," was third this weekend behind the other two forementioned movies.  "Just Go With It" remained fourth and "I am Number Four," (Alex Pettyfer is also in this movie) rounded out the top five.

Here is the trailer for "Beastly" so you can see if you're just as interested in seeing this movie as much as I am.