GNA welcomes Brad Paisley, Lee Brice and Chris Young to SPAC on June 2, 2013. As we give you a chance to win tickets before they go on sale to the public, I wanted to share my favorite Brad Paisley song.

Paisley is one of my favorite country singers. I've had the chance to meet and interview him several times over the years, from when he was a rising star in 1999 to the superstar he is today.  Actually, some of my most interesting conversations with him were about Classic Country singers. I once asked him for a song that I should play on Sunday Morning and his first pick was a Buck Owens song called 'Waitin' In Your Welfare Line'- Now That's Country!

One of the reasons Paisley has been one of my favorite is that he's honored and kept some legends in the spotlight like Little Jimmy Dickens, Bill Anderson, George Jones and Jim Ed Brown. In addition to some incredible songs like 'This Is Country Music' 'Waitin' On A Woman' 'Whiskey Lullaby' and 'When I Get Where I'm Going.'

Out of his long list of hits, my favorite Brad Paisley song is 'A Letter To Me!'  I just love the lyrics of this song. Personally, I think about my youth, career, the challenges of running a small business, the people that have come in and out of my life, the mistakes and the successes of my 38 years on this planet. I wish I could have written 'A Letter To Me' and saved myself a lot of grief and money. LOL  I hope you enjoy this song too.