This video has gone super viral since last Saturday when tit was taken at a skateboard park in Jacksonville Florida. the video was originally posted by,  13 year old Ryan Stephens because Ryan though it was bad and he didn't want to see the father push his kid so hard. The father in the video is Marcus Crossland and since the video has gone viral he has been getting a lot of heat including being investigated by Child Services in Florida.

I have to be honest with you , when I first heard about the video I tried to watch it with an open mind. I wanted very much to be able to come to the Father's defense if only a little. I thought perhaps it was like the time I made my oldest son go down the "blue slide" at McDonald's or when I told my middle son that if he should be more afraid of me than he is the ride if he got off the "Hulk" at Universal Studios after we waited in line for an hour. In both of those cases, I had to force my son's to face their fears in order to teach them not to let fear be something that can holds them back from enjoying life, and in both cases I could not get them off the thing they feared once they realized it wasn't as bad as they thought. I WANTED to feel this way before I watched the video.

I think it's not so much what the father does to his 6 year old son that makes me angry, it seems to me it's the cavalier and annoyed way he did it. As it turns out the kid is quite the skateboarding prodigy and I imagine that is the only reason anyone would let a 6 year old boy even attempt to drop down a ramp that is known as "Big Brown" at the park. It may also be the reason the father is "pushing" his son far more than any should. I don't know what it is with parents and sports but sometimes the thought of your child reaching for Olympic Gold, that big Pro Contract can make people forget that they are dealing with a child.

Maybe it takes a child to see it, in fact Ryan the boy who took the video asked Crossland why he pushed his son down the ramp and according to Ryan, "He said 'because he needs to learn'. I was like 'pushing him down is not teaching him how to drop in'. And then he said 'do you think you can raise him better than me?' and I said yes,"

It makes me think of another comment I read while researching the story, someone said , "I think the only think he taught the kid was not to trust his father". Sad.