We attended a media event that was an absolute blast. FastTrax – a new indoor racing venue in the Capital District.  I didn't actually race by the way. No one wants to be behind a slow driver with the right turn signal on.  But I did get a chance to grab a few shots to show you what it's like

This is an indoor racetrack on Washington Avenue in Albany. It's in the former Circuit City building in Crossgates Commons.

photo by Richie

Here's what the empty track  looks like once you get inside (before they let the go carts loose!

photo by Richie

They had the official ribbon cutting for it yesterday, August 6th and we were there

photo by Richie
Photo by Richie

They really prep you well before you don the helmet and "assume the position" inside these carts.  And by the way, they can reach speeds of up to 45 miles an hour , but they definitely keep a close eye to make sure everyone's following the rules.

I even videoed a little bit of Jeff Levack taking his turn behind the wheel

This looks like a great way to let off some steam. Channel your inner Dale Jr and get out and see this place!   How about bringing your whole company here for a team building event?   Looks like alot of fun.  Maybe I'll jump in one of the cars next time!  (I've never been a danger seeker, but now that I know what it's about - piece of cake! )