Did you read that headline?  Terrible, right?  If you haven't heard the story, let's review -and tell me if you agree with the airline's decision. 

According to NBC News.com, an Oregon mother is formally fighting United Airlines after they made a decision to throw her family off a flight because "their 15 year old daughter who has autism had become disruptive".

I guess they were coming back from Disney World in Florida when her daughter wanted something hot to eat on the plane.  Well, as we have even witnessed when we took a trip recently, you can't get hot food unless you're in first class.  In fact, we had NO eats whatsoever on a 3 hour flight, which I will admit TICKED me off big time, but I guess it got this girl VERY upset, and the airline made an emergency landing to get the whole fam-damily  off. Here is some video via Youtube

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The family is basically saying that airline employees need to be trained on how to deal with people with autism rather than resorting to something as extreme as emergency landings

Hey, I'm allowed to raise some questions here, aren't I?

Just HOW disruptive was this girl?  Was she just yelling a little bit?  Was she screaming at the top of her lungs for the whole flight? Was she destroying property?  At what point did she become SO dangerous that they had to ground the aircraft?  Maybe I'm missing something here, but..

Also, in her defense - isn't it idiotic that they don't offer ANYTHING to eat on some flights anymore?   And they wonder why people get agitated!    According to the mother, the girl has been on many, many flights before - she's visited over 20 countries - and never gotten treatment like this.  Pretty extreme measures, don't you think?  Or do you think they were justified?  Would love to know, but unless she was a terrorist, I just can't see it personally. But that's just me.  What do I know?



How do YOU feel about this?