When you were out this weekend, did you notice a color change? It's that time of year and it's about to get good when it comes to fall leaf colors. I Love NY.com has a good guide as far as who's got the great fall colors. Here's what they have to say about us.

In the Capital-Saratoga region, look for 20 percent color change in Fulton County, where spotters in Northville note red, orange and purple leaves appearing on the sugar maples. Other trees have early shades of yellow and brown. Expect up to 15 percent color change in the Gloversville area by weekend as shades of rust and yellow continue to emerge. Leaf peepers in Rensselaer County expect around 10 percent change in the northern and eastern portions of the county, along with areas of higher elevation. Look for dark shades of red and light shades of yellow. Other reporting stations in the region expect less than 10 percent color change.

All of the fall color percentages should make all the fall-loving mathematicians happy. As we get near the end of September and into the first couple weeks of October, there should be some awesome tree colors. So, if you grab a great pic, please share!