Capital Region Shoppers beware - We mentioned this on the show today but I want to make sure everyone is made aware of this. There is a fake coupon for Kohl's making its way around Facebook!

I see these coupons on my news feed all the time, I am sure you do too.  It's the ones with the big dollar amounts that really catch my eye and I always ask myself, can this really be a coupon?

The latest coupon that caught my eye is for Kohls. $75 off $80?  I mean come on - how can that be real?  So, I asked our resident Coupon Lady, Andrea to look into it. Sure enough it's FAKE!  But not only that, she pointed out that by sharing it, we are putting our friends/family that follow us at risk for potential computer viruses should we click on the link.  We don't know what is attached to the link, it could very well be a virus!

I don't know why people would make fake coupons - heck, I don't understand how there are people out there that have the time to make fake coupons, but they do and this one is FAKE.

Spread the word and let your friends and family know to stop forwarding it!  If you have any other questions on fake coupons, check out Andrea's Coupon Club for some tips.