Two men robbed a guy and stole his car in Schenectady, according the Times Union. They allegedly pretended they were cops. 

Early Thursday morning it was reported that two fake cops robbed a man and stole his 2003 Honda Accord. The two alleged robbers stopped the man at a red light. They were not in any type of uniform, and had no other identification that said they were police officers.

The two men who pretended to be police officers told the man to get out of his vehicle and put his hands on the car. The robbers then took the victim's wallet. When the man asked to see some identification, the robbers allegedly beat the driver and stole his car.

They drove of in the victim's Honda Accord and he was sent to Ellis Hospital for minor injuries, according to the report. Police are still looking for the alleged robbers. The victim's vehicle was recovered at the intersection of State and Robinson Street in Schenectady.