Mark Zuckerberg explains his wardrobe to Matt Lauer and Computer Renaissance of Latham schools us all on how to get your photos off of your digital camera on today's Tech Talk

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According to digital, Mark Zuckerberg wears basically the same shirt every day.  (They are all different clean ones, of course, but are all gray tee shirts).  So much for what your parents told you - "dress for success".  He's been criticized more and more for that, especially when he went to the NY Stock Exchange in dressed down mode the day the stock went public

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

It's an interesting way of living, I must say, but it sure takes the guesswork out of what to wear each day.

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I made a video, but please don't grade me on it.  My desk was a mess and I didn't realize how much of that would come out on the tape.  I've learned for the next time!

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