November 13, 2012

Additional Information

The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley will dedicate four programs-advocacy, arts, education, and communication-to the late Patricio “Pat” Figueroa. Historian Warren Shaw will give a lecture about the Disability Rights Movement in the New York.
The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley is a non-profit organization located in Troy with a satellite office in Hudson, working towards removing both physical and attitudinal barriers to independence for persons with disabilities. ILCHV is a non-residential, consumer controlled and community based organization. The ILCHV operates under a Board of Directors and a 17 person staff, most of whom are persons with disabilities. We believe that consumers are entitled to participate in all aspects of community living, including owning a home, raising a family, pursuing a career, and enjoying leisure time. For more information about the ILCHV, please contact Barbara Devore at 518-274-0701 or For more information about Warren Shaw, please visit