October 26, 2013 | 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
15.00 adults Kids Under 12 $5.00
Berlin Firehouse
Community Avenue, Berlin, 12022 United States

Additional Information

Andy Cumming's was injured on July 12, 2013, after practicing for his next 4 wheeler race. Andy has raced 4 wheelers since he was 4 years old.On July 12th on his very last lap of the day he crashed his 4 wheeler as he tried to land a jump that sends you about 30 feet in the air. When he landed his head took the impact of the crash. He was air lifted to Syracuse Trauma Center where he spent about 3 1/2 weeks in the Pediatrics ICU Unit. Upon arrival to the hospital that day they had to immediately put a drain in his skull, as the brain pressure was extremely high. It took about one week before the pressure was where it should be. He was on life support for about 2 weeks, when he started to over breathe the ventilator. He also had to have a feeding tube put directly into his stomach to be able to provide him with nourishment and to be able to give him his medication. Andy's parents Bob and Aletha never left his side! Andy was transferred to SunnyView Rehab in Schenectady, NY. Andy continues to recover from his Traumatic Brain Injury. Baby steps, but still making progress. Andy is still unable to talk, but can communicate with giving us the thumbs up/thumbs down, laughter, and some other hand gestures that he has gotten down. Andy has a long recovery road ahead of him, but his determination is amazing. (Although he does has some day that this is very frustrating for him, as he just wants to talk, or get up and walk, and when he realizes he can, it really frustrates him!) We, his family are hosting this beefit dinner and coffee can auction to help raise money for thsi amazing family. Andy mom is still unable to go back to work, as she spends everyday with him, and Bob, Andy fathers goes to work, then to SunnyView where he spends overnight with Andy. We are all hopefully that Andy will continue to make steady recovery. At this point Andy parents are battling with their insurance company , as they say Andy has reached his maxium, but he still needs the services. This is our hope to raise the money so that he can continue to receive therapy.